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When you walk in the front door, you encounter a wide hall that stretches the entire length of the house. Two sets of doors, the first set bi-fold, divide the hall into three sections.
The first section is the foyer. It features the most elaborate fireplace mantel in the house and original majolica tile. The foyer is the spot for my mother's grandfather clock, and I'm going to put my Victorian dollhouse by the window when it's finished. The photo to the right shows the new antique reproduction chandelier from J.F. Pegan.

To see more about the lighting in the hall and elsewhere, click here.

That's Henry sniffing the cast iron fireplace cover.

The middle section contains the staircase, which leads up beadboarded walls to the attic under the steep roof. Under the stairs is one of my favorite features - a little closet that locks with an interesting skeleton key. It reminds me of the spot the Dursley's made Harry Potter live!

This is also the only spot in the house with original plaster and never-painted, never-altered woodwork. It's a little window into what the house once looked like.

Left: The spindles on the staircase match those on the front porch railing.

Right: We replaced the light fixtures in the back hall with these reproductions from J.F. Pegan.

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