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The southeast side of the house has nearly-perfect paint, while the northwest side, which apparently catches most of the sun and weather, will soon need repainting. The shutters on that side of the house also need repair.
The colors - white and dark green - aren't very exciting or very Victorian. Maybe when it comes time for a paint job, we will take off the aluminum siding on the back part and repaint everything with something more colorful. Then again, we'll probably get lazy and just find some trim colors to coordinate with white. The siding in the once-outdoor back hall has grey paint underneath the dingy beige, and a fellow Eutawan told us nearly every house in town has been that color at some point because the coal dust would've made a white house look horrible.

You can glimpse in the second picture a segment of the roof that is asphalt shingled. Half of the back left gable is shingled, and the other half is metal (because a tree fell on the roof at some time in the past). We want to add Victorian style metal tile roof to that section.

What you can't really see is the different styles of windows on the house. On the front part (front two bedrooms, living room, hall and dining room) the windows are one pane of glass on top and one on bottom. On the back half of the house, the windows are divided into two panes on top and two on bottom. Mr. Parkins told us the very back bedroom was added on after his parents bought the house in 1969 (we believe it was probably a sleeping porch they enclosed); it is the only room with six-over-six windows. We plan to convert one of them into a French door at some point, so we can more easily access the dogs' side yard.

Original fishscale shingles in three different styles creates texture under the gables. In the attic at a spot where the right wing was added on long ago, you can see the similar shingles that once covered the roof. We want to add more color here to make the different shapes stand out.

The front porch has interesting wood trim, most still in good condition. The front half of the house also has the original working shutters, painted dark green, and the S-hooks. The porch floor is painted a light blue-gray and is due for some repair and a repainting.

From the front porch you can peek past the magnolia grove to see a bit of the tennis court along with the main road through Eutaw and a residential area of mostly old houses.
To the right and left are two historic houses. The neighbor to the east is an 1830s house ... previous owner Joe McGiffert was the brother of our house's first owner, Mary Julia Dunlap, and gave her the land to build it. The house to the west was built in the 1840s, with the porch with all the fancy columns added in the 19teens.
This is the workshop in the back yard. We're not sure whether the previous owners built it, or if it was modified from a much older building. Some old maps show a building in that location. It has a patio, created in the '70s out of old bricks, and two rooms inside - one large, one small. The cabinet/shelves are a '70s built-in we took out of our previous house, a 1967 ranch style.

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