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Introducing Rosemary, my second girl, my second R, my second blue-eyed, long-lashed beauty. This one has red hair. Maybe my payment for waiting so long to have babies is that I got my wish – a curly-haired girl and a redhead. Both are perfect. Rosemary reminds me of all the things I forgot from the [...]

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You know that fantasy? The one that goes, “My life would be so much better if …”? I’ve often fallen victim to this fantasy over the years, in many different incarnations. As a chubby, awkward, straggly-haired middle schooler with a penchant for oversize T-shirts tucked into high-waisted denim shorts, I believed that if I lost [...]

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My plan was to gain only 15 to 20 pounds during my pregnancy, because that’s what online charts told me a chunkier person such as myself should gain. But then the doctor never mentioned a number to aim for, and every time I went and had gained a little more, he said I was right [...]

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Decluttering the house. I am sitting in the living room, looking at the massive coffee table that’s a hand-me-down from Mom, and the whole thing is covered with STUFF. My wedding album and two scrapbooks, invoices and image CDs for my website work, Millie’s gutted tiger toy, the cats’ glove with all the fun stuff [...]

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Three years ago (wow, has it really been that long?) I lost about 30 pounds. Over time, I gained back 10 of them and held there for two years until about a month ago, when I decided it was about time to take some more off. This sudden burst of motivation was mostly due to [...]