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I’ve been reading over some of my old renovation-related blog entries, since I’ve had renovation on the brain again lately, and realized I barely remember half this stuff. It’s all a blur now … well, except bashing out the tile and concrete floor in the master bath – that I will remember till my dying [...]

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Because I could think of nothing else for the two days following our first encounter with the house at 1601 Main, because I am a crazy person and my husband is just crazy enough to go along with me, I called the realtor and made an appointment for us to see the house. On the [...]

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Back in January, I posted about my lust for a specific, adorable 1940s house, which has since sold to an – I hope – worthy buyer. I compared said lust to cheating on my house, and the more I think about it, the more what I have with my house feels like a marriage. There [...]