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Every time people asked me when we were finding out the baby’s gender, I always said, “On the 21st … I hope, if the baby cooperates.” But I never actually considered the possibility that it wouldn’t. Of course, we’d be able to find out. After roughly one million years of waiting for a child, this [...]

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We had our millionth ultrasound a few days ago at 10 weeks 2 days, and – on my sister’s suggestion – we took a video camera with us this time to capture all that fascinating activity going on in my uterus. At first, the kiddo was asleep and refused to be disturbed. D said, “Push [...]

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Today was one of the top five days of my life so far, and all because of about 10 minutes we spent staring at the fuzzy black and white image of our baby kicking its legs, waving its arms, bobbing its head, wiggling its body – just being alive. We saw it twitch a little [...]

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Every week, the nausea reaches a new level. Now I have passed the hacking and spitting phase and moved straight on to true upchuckage, once or twice a day for the last three days. It’s really awesome. I finally accepted the nurse practitioner’s offer for an anti-nausea prescription, though I haven’t noticed it making much [...]

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We went for a third ultrasound yesterday, since the heartbeat wasn’t yet visible a few days ago. That day, the nurse practitioner told me not to worry, that it was still early yet. Still, I worried. And yesterday morning, I woke up more worried than ever. Even while I puked in the toilet before breakfast [...]

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Yesterday I went in for my anxiously awaited blood test, to check if my hcg levels doubled as they should. The nurse practitioner told me we wanted to see a level of at least 240. I left the office and drove to see my friend’s new baby, an hour away. Halfway there, I got so [...]