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Thursday, August 27 was a significant day here. A few minutes before 6 p.m., D’s beloved Uncle Ronnie died. Two hours later, my teenage cousin’s baby was born, a baby that could’ve been ours but probably won’t be. It was a long, sad, complicated weekend to end a long, sad, complicated month. Uncle Ronnie’s funeral [...]

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I’m not pregnant. Again. As usual. I’m not really surprised – after roughly 69 months in a row of not being pregnant (since I stopped birth control in November 2003), who can be surprised? Devastated, yes, but never surprised. I have an appointment with the doc on Monday to find out what we’ll do for [...]

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Okay, I just gave myself my first injection of Follistim, a drug that’s supposed to make my ovaries stop their misbehaving long enough to release an egg. This was the moment I dreaded most; in all my contemplation of fertility treatment over the years, giving myself injections always loomed large – the Jabberwocky. I went [...]