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Last week, my mom and I went on our annual buying trip to Houston. I’d forgotten until I stepped off the airplane and into Terminal B that this airport was the very place where 2009 began to spin out of control. It was here, on the tram, that I got a phone call from our [...]

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In the 80′s, this horrible Christmas movie always came on TV during the holidays. Set in the Australian Outback, it was all about this poor farming family and their trials and tribulations. There’s a devastating brush fire, and a creepy thief Santa, and the freakin’ pet dingo dies! Being the kind of kids who found [...]

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Last week I said I had a feeling something good was about to happen. After the emotionally tumultuous prior three weeks, I felt a sudden calm about it all. I listened to happy songs on my iPod instead of lingering on the depressing ones. I stopped subjecting D to tearful, woe-is-me rants. I realized one [...]