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Last Monday after the social worker left, we decided to do something to reward ourselves and take a break after all the hard work to prepare for the home visit, something we won’t be able to do on the spur of the moment once our baby arrives in the not-too-distant future. We booked a room [...]

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Tonight was our home visit. For the past few days, D has been off work, so – between the Christmas parties and cookie baking for said Christmas parties – we have been cleaning, decluttering and projectifying nonstop. It’s an understatement to say our house has been a whirlwind of activity. Fortunately, the outcome of all [...]

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We weren’t planning to do anything else to the half bathroom to prepare it for the home study. I’d already cleared off the counter, cleaned everything, and organized the closet. But then I made the mistake of telling my mother about it. Lately, she has been an overflowing fount of unwanted advice. I think it’s [...]

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We just got word that our paperwork for the home study is complete (even our fingerprint clearances, which we just got today!), and that means we can now be assigned a social worker. I was so antsy for this to happen – thinking it was taking – but now that it has, eek, that [...]

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It’s been November for two whole days now, and I’m starting to remember what it feels like to be my normal self. The past month and a half had me so keyed up, my mind so full and spinning, my body so tired and sore in weird ways (like an incredibly painful spasm in my [...]