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In all my years of daydreaming about naming a child, I never thought the reality of it would be so difficult. In high school when my sister and I were playing our invented game “Rad or Bad,” a version of The Game of Life that evolved to be all about seeing how many kids you [...]

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Wow, based on the comments on my Baby Name Drama post, I see a lot of people have had issues with this baby name thing! The common thread in your sage advice is “do NOT tell anyone the name until the baby is born.” That sounds like it would work. I imagine it is hard [...]

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Before we were actually having a child, I pored over baby name web sites and books, blissfully combining names without a care in the world. Somehow, I never had a clue that once the process of naming an actual child began, I would suddenly start caring about other people’s opinions besides mine (and D’s … [...]