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The past week has been one of those when everything clicks and in the course if seven days, Ruby changes in 57 ways. Suddenly, not only is she bigger physically (finally outgrowing her 6-9 months clothes), she also has had some kind of awakening, in which her understanding of the world around her has made [...]

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This week I’m in a much less whiny mood, for several reasons: 1. My new Tempur-pedic mattress is like sleeping on a cloud of awesome. I don’t toss and turn nearly as much, and when I first stand up in the morning my hip/lower back feels only slightly twingey instead of excruciatingly painful. The only [...]

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In the 80′s, this horrible Christmas movie always came on TV during the holidays. Set in the Australian Outback, it was all about this poor farming family and their trials and tribulations. There’s a devastating brush fire, and a creepy thief Santa, and the freakin’ pet dingo dies! Being the kind of kids who found [...]

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Of all the many trees on our lot, my favorites are the two maple trees in our side yard. They provide terrific pale green shade in the summer and, best of all, turn bright orange, red and yellow in the fall. This year, their color is even more vivid than usual. These days, this is [...]

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I’m on “vacation” this week. That is, I’m taking vacation time from my real job to work at my parents’ store this week to help mail out the orders from our costume website (which I designed and manage). Halloween is naturally the busiest time of year in both the store and the website. This is [...]

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In this week’s Celebrity Death Match, we’re pitting two hard-hitting competitors against each other in a duel for the top prize – being the place where Millie Francis curls up to shelter from the wily winter winds. In the left corner, we have Swamp Cabin. Built from cinderblocks, scrap tin – and a little pluck [...]

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