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This is part three of a three-part series on our vacation to Ireland in June. Part Three: Swine Flu? We began the final third of our trip with one night’s stay at Ballyseede Castle Hotel in Tralee, County Kerry. I have one Irish ancestor that I know of, Thomas Blennerhassett Hurley, who immigrated to the [...]

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First of all, I think that is my longest post title ever. This is part two of a three part series on our vacation to Ireland. Part Two: Castles and Cottages and Cliffs, Oh My! I neglected to mention in the first installment that the framework of our trip was this: fly into Dublin, rent [...]

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We just returned from a 10-day trip to Ireland, our last big pre-being-parents vacation. There’s so much to tell about this trip that I’m dividing it into three parts, the other two to come over the next few days. Part One: Bird Poop On our first afternoon in Dublin, as we strolled hand in hand [...]

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Last Monday after the social worker left, we decided to do something to reward ourselves and take a break after all the hard work to prepare for the home visit, something we won’t be able to do on the spur of the moment once our baby arrives in the not-too-distant future. We booked a room [...]

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D and I spent last week in that charming city by the sea, Charleston, S.C. We went there for our honeymoon six years ago, and I intended this to be a romantic, nostalgic anniversary trip. For once, my best-laid plans actually worked out. It had been a year since we’d gone on a just-me-and-D vacation, [...]

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The good news: I’m feeling more at peace about quitting my job. I’m that much closer to the reality of leaving – I’ve even started cleaning up my disaster area of an office and my haphazard mass quantities of computer files. And I spent $52 filling up my car with gas today, so I’m pretty [...]

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