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It’s been a while since I’ve had any interesting purchases to show off. For one thing, I’ve been on my End of Spending kick, and for another I’ve been too busy with my two jobs and all my travels to find time for shopping. But this weekend was the Antique Alley sale on the square [...]

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I’m feeling as giddy as a schoolgirl about the two new decorative objects in our dining room, so how ’bout a little show and tell? 1. Our souvenir from New Orleans (besides two dead-useful neon green grenade-shaped cups) is this antique toy trolley. We found it at a tiny, narrow antique shop near Jackson Square. [...]

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Several months ago, I went on an eBay spree and bought several old postcards of Alabama scenes, many of them with writing on them. I especially like the type that look like little ink drawings colored in pastels. I framed these six a while back but never got around to hanging them because I didn’t [...]

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On my bathroom timeline, I said I’d order the sink faucet and vanity light this weekend. I was thinking that we’d need the light fixture once the electrical was done, and the sink faucet would be necessary to install the sink. But then we realized we wouldn’t want to install the light fixture until the [...]

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Being the obsessed, addicted shopper that I am, I often come across random items that would make excellent gifties. Lately, I’ve found so many perfect gifts for old house people that I wish I had more neighbors (and money)! I decided to compile this list instead of breaking the bank buying stuff just because it [...]

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The sink question has been heavy on my mind this week because we need to decide that before we can figure out where to put the electrical outlets in the bathroom. If you read this blog, you know it’s been a long saga. First I wanted a pedestal sink. Then I wanted a vessel sink. [...]

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