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I’m a bargain hunter with low impulse control. So when I enter the auction house in Moundville, a neon sign flashes in my head – “Warning, turn back!” – and then I ignore it and proceed to spend billions of dollars (I described the auction experience in the post eBay: The Mayberry version). I haven’t [...]

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Before all the medical drama of the weekend, I initiated my friend Kristen into the world of the Moundville antique auction. I’ve mentioned this auction before, and my thoughts of it are usually accompanied by guilty stomach pains (rather than gall bladder) because I always manage to spend more money than I planned. The Moundville [...]

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Last night I discovered that 85 is my lucky number. Or unlucky, depending how you look at it. We went to an auction at our usual place in Moundville. We didn’t really need anything, but several members of the Eutaw posse were going, and I couldn’t resist. I told Darwin we were going for pure [...]

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It’s official. We can now have dinner parties. Expect your invitations in the mail any day … I just hope you like frozen pizza. When we bought the table a couple weeks ago, it had a few little problems. The legs were a bit wobbly, but a little screw tightening fixed that. Four of the [...]

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We’ve had a turning-point event at 1902 Victorian. An event that will change the way we work on our house – what we can do and how fast we can do it. An event that will affect our lives and our finances for a long time to come. D bought a truck. It’s a black [...]

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I bought this old toilet paper holder from eBay, along with some other bathroom stuff: It looks pretty ordinary, but no. This toilet paper holder doubles as an arm-strengthening device. Just sit on the toilet and while you, um … do your business, just lift the toilet paper roll, HOLD, squeeze that tricep. Feel the [...]

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