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For the past couple of years, my shopaholism has been, if not cured, at least kept somewhat in check. I still have too many shoes, but I rarely buy new ones. I’ve had the same cell phone almost three years. My maternity wardrobe was unvaried and cheap, and my current post-baby, flab-hiding wardrobe is patched [...]

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One evening not so long ago, two gigantic cardboard boxes arrived on our doorstep. We sprang eagerly from our seats on the couch, because we’d been anticipating the arrival of the crib and changing table from the faraway land of Tar-jay. D turned on XM satellite radio’s 60′s on 6 channel, and we set to [...]

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The room that we’ve been tentatively calling the nursery still looks more like a catch-all than a space a child would want to call his/her own. Until now, I’ve avoided even thinking about decorating it as a nursery, because I was afraid having a room all set up with crib and curtains and whatnot would [...]

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You guys have heard I like to shop, right? I would love to turn my shopping talents toward our future child, but it’s virtually impossible to do when we don’t know the age or gender of the bambino (race either, but that doesn’t factor into shopping). Shopping for baby clothes is out of the question. [...]

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It’s been a while since I’ve had any interesting purchases to show off. For one thing, I’ve been on my End of Spending kick, and for another I’ve been too busy with my two jobs and all my travels to find time for shopping. But this weekend was the Antique Alley sale on the square [...]

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I’m feeling as giddy as a schoolgirl about the two new decorative objects in our dining room, so how ’bout a little show and tell? 1. Our souvenir from New Orleans (besides two dead-useful neon green grenade-shaped cups) is this antique toy trolley. We found it at a tiny, narrow antique shop near Jackson Square. [...]

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