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It’s like the shine on your shoes, or hearing a blues that’s great. Makes you relax, like a big tax rebate! We got light! Okay, so maybe those aren’t the actual lyrics, but I’ll take any excuse to squeeze in a song from Annie. In fact, I think we might name a child Annie one [...]

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Last Friday night, when I was home alone with nothing but the TV to entertain me, I decided to meet up with an old friend. She’s fictional, but she sure knows how to keep a girl company. That Anne Shirley, Anne-with-an-e, talks nonstop, is a bit melodramatic, and has an imagination bigger than Green Gables [...]

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I posted last week about how I’m a slob and our house has devolved into a quivering mass of hideousness. Then I found a cure! I read about the book Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure on a houseblog, but I can’t remember which one. Whoever you are, I’m indebted to you! I ordered the [...]

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Did you know the musical Annie is not about orphans or rich bald billionaires as is commonly believed? It’s actually about old house owners! Just look, there’s a song for every occasion: When you’re shivering under three blankets in front of the TV, dreading the moment when you have to pull your hand out from [...]

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Red was the theme of this weekend. We both got slightly sunburned from our day at my parents’ pool, and we painted the living room Cajun Red. Thanks to Bungalow Addict for posting about the Sherwin Williams historical collection, which is divided into styles (arts and crafts, Victorian, suburban modern, colonial, etc.). Cajun red was [...]

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Last night, D got out his trusty smoking chainsaw and cut some limbs off the way overgrown redtips to make room for a little tomato garden with the tomato plants our neighbor gave us. One of the plants already has a tiny green tomato on it. While he did that, I curled up on the [...]

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