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My official painting T-shirt is back out of retirement! The last time I busted it out was seven months ago, when we were preparing for our home study, and I decided impulsively to paint the hall bathroom with a pint of dark green paint we had lying around. Turned out there wasn’t enough paint to [...]

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The built-in bookcase under our master bathroom window is now complete! After much planning and many drawings, we finally (with the expert assistance of our neighbor Ken) cut all the pieces for the bookcase last weekend. This weekend, Darwin nail-gunned it together and caulked it up nice and pretty, and then I primed and painted [...]

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2 scrapers 1/2 can of Bondo Palm sander 6 sheets green extra-strong sandpaper from 3M 9 tubes of caulk 2 3/4-inch nap rollers 2 cans of primer 1 can of paint, Benjamin Moore “Mauve Desert” Use scrapers to remove loose paint. Bondo the many cracks and nail holes, taking breaks between each smelly, awful batch [...]

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What a cliche, right? Forgive me – we just finished the February issue of the magazine I work for, and I’m creative-headlined out. Also, it applies in a very literal way. We got so much stuff done this weekend that I feel like a different blogger! Where’s that lazy girl and her lethargic husband? Saturday [...]

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The bathroom floor is officially painted. So I should be jumping for joy, right? Giddy with the heady feeling of accomplishment? Okay, there’s no twist – I am giddy! The color – a gray brown – is lighter than we expected, which is probably a good thing. But best of all, it’s one uniform color, [...]

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In this month’s issue of Old House Journal, an article cites six reasons why it’s great to live in an old house. One of the reasons is that every time you undertake a project, you discover new things about your house. It’s amazing how many layers we’ve uncovered in one room, in one 104-year-old house. [...]

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