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One of the many projects we tackled this week was the kitchen. As I mentioned in my last post, the paint on the ceiling, walls and trim was all peeling off in an unattractive – and potentially unsafe – fashion. So we had to scrape, sand, and repaint all of these surfaces. For the low [...]

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After doing the treadmill first thing this morning (by first thing, I mean 9:45 … I am thankfully back to my schedule of staying up till 2 a.m. and waking up at 9-something), I channeled that hey-I’m-up-off-the-couch-doing-something energy into part 557 of cleaning up and organizing our pigsty of a bedroom. That involved the following: [...]

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One day many moons ago, we found something cool under our house. It was a cast iron fireplace cover – a little rusty but still in good shape – and upon closer examination, we realized it matched the one on our dining room fireplace. Our house has six fireplaces, and four of them have covers [...]

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It appears the problem was with each individual post having no .html extension. Okay, I may have fixed it for future posts, though I’ll have to fix the old ones individually … or else they’re impossible to fix. Work, blog, work!

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I’ve heard from several readers that my blog has been acting up in Firefox. People have had trouble opening my posts on and commenting. I downloaded Firefox myself and checked it out – yes, this problem is terribly annoying, and I apologize! I wondered why my comments have slowed to a trickle recently, though [...]

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How did I get on the mailing list for this catalog? I don’t have much need for a book titled Caramel Flava.

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