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The bathroom floor is officially painted. So I should be jumping for joy, right? Giddy with the heady feeling of accomplishment? Okay, there’s no twist – I am giddy! The color – a gray brown – is lighter than we expected, which is probably a good thing. But best of all, it’s one uniform color, [...]

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Below is a list of things we will accomplish while the weather is warm. Yes, I said will, not “hope to” or “plan to.” If I say will, maybe it’ll actually happen. Finish the master bathroom. (Stop laughing! Really, I mean it! Stop!) Scrape, repair and paint the disintegrating-before-our-very-eyes front porch floor. Tile the kitchen [...]

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The vacation was a nice break from thinking about the house, but we need to get our groove back. I’m afraid that our lazy week will translate into a lazy weekend. So I’m declaring right here on this blog what we’re going to get accomplished this weekend. That way, I’ll be so fearful of the [...]

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After my two-week eBay spree, I realized I’d need frames for all this art. Turns out, dark wood frames (to coordinate with our dark floors and dark furniture) aren’t so easy to find. I searched several stores in town on my lunch breaks last week without success. Finally, on Friday I hit the jackpot … [...]

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When people visit our house for the first – or fifth – time, they tend to get a little lost. When my dad was helping us move, I’d say, “That goes in the front bedroom,” and he’d go to each bedroom in turn and say, “This one?” No, Dad, the front bedroom. It’s not like [...]

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I’ve been seeing vinyl checkerboard kitchen floors right and left lately, and it’s making me wonder. We could remove the brick-print vinyl and leave the particleboard underneath. Then put the new tile on top (I like 12 x 12 industrial vinyl composition tile and marmoleum tile, but the marmoleum costs five times as much). We’d [...]