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Our very first Rejuvenation light fixture is now installed! It’s the Three Forks light with polished nickel finish and 5-inch ridged satin shades. I debated whether to buy a Lowe’s fixture or spring for the fancy (read: pricey) one from Rejuvenation, and it’s clear now that I made the right decision. The light and sink [...]

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It’s like the shine on your shoes, or hearing a blues that’s great. Makes you relax, like a big tax rebate! We got light! Okay, so maybe those aren’t the actual lyrics, but I’ll take any excuse to squeeze in a song from Annie. In fact, I think we might name a child Annie one [...]

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As members of the unofficial Work Day Club of Eutaw, we’ve helped our neighbors on several occasions. This weekend we cashed in some of our help-out bucks to get a jumpstart on the bathroom. It all started on Saturday when we took Millie for a walk around the block. We ran into Deirdre, who was [...]

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On my bathroom timeline, I said I’d order the sink faucet and vanity light this weekend. I was thinking that we’d need the light fixture once the electrical was done, and the sink faucet would be necessary to install the sink. But then we realized we wouldn’t want to install the light fixture until the [...]

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In elementary school, I always loved the projects that required a timeline. I liked the long line drawn across two sheets of paper taped together, with vertical lines interrupting it at intervals, tiny writing in pencil, maybe a drawing of the Mayflower, a feather pen to symbolize the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Abraham [...]

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I bought a new/old light fixture for the back hall on Oct. 30, it arrived about a week later, and now it’s up! That’s the fastest turn-around time for a light fixture yet. We usually let them sit around in the front bedroom (also known as The Black Hole) for a year or so before [...]

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