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I’m proud to say that one of my many crippling, irrational fears is finally – after more than 10 years – completely, utterly gone. I grew up a fearful and highly suggestible person. Afraid of the dark (especially passing in front of doorways leading to dark rooms); afraid of critters under my bed (literally “critters” [...]

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This weekend when we weren’t working on the bathroom – yes, we actually worked! – we watched the DVD of the British public television reality/living-history show 1900 House. At $30.99, it’s expensive for one DVD, but I figured as a resident of a bit-past-1900 house, we needed to see it. Turns out the DVD is [...]

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As a Father’s Day gift for my dad, I spent weekend before last wrangling the information I’ve gathered about our family for the past few years into what I hoped would be a cohesive, easy-to-view family tree. I found a large parchment-like family tree template with room for up to nine generations of names, dates [...]

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Before and after pictures are in short supply this week, so I’ll post this photo I took on Friday afternoon of the Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion, a Tuscaloosa landmark. I just love houses with cupolas, don’t you? Remember in grade school when you’d play MASCH? You’d draw a square with the letters MASCH above it, [...]

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I have a new favorite show (along with Ugly Betty and The Office): What the Victorians Did for Us. It’s a British show that airs on History International, and it’s a cheeky (literally … on the most recent episode, the host Adam Hart-Davis ended the show naked, enjoying a bicycle-powered shower) look at the Victorian [...]

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Dedicated as I am to the history of our house, I’m just as – if not more – dedicated to my own. I go through spells of obsessive genealogy research, only to get bogged down in all the names and dates and disappointed with the lack of photographic or anecdotal evidence. It’s fascinating to learn [...]

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