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Okay, technically it’s not snowing – it was snowing. But I was so excited about it this morning that the only way to express it is in the present tense. All week people have been making dire predictions about snow and ice and warning us that we’d better get to the grocery store and stock [...]

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This is something you don’t see every day: a fluffy orange cat docilely posing in a red Old Navy hoodie with kangaroo pocket and cut-off sleeves. It had sleeves, but they came down over his elbows and restricted his walking. Then we tried rolling them up, but they were too bunchy under his arms. So [...]

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We have two maple trees beside our house, and every morning when I get out of the shower, our cat Alistair is standing in the window soaking up the view. So I go over, pet him, and soak up the view a little while, too. Lately, the view is a little different every morning, a [...]

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My relationship with our triple-track aluminum storm windows is kinda rocky. It reminds me of my relationship with a boy in high school who one day I’d think was the bees knees (you know, when I was a teenager in the 1940s) and then the next day, or hour, I’d think he was the biggest [...]

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The Great Weatherman in the Sky must be having a hearty point-and-laugh at me right about now. I didn’t know he was into blogs, but apparently he saw my post all about the wonderful heat and decided to send a cold snap my way. To up the ante of the joke, he made American Idol [...]

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I’m going to make some people jealous with this post (namely, Halloweenlover). Apparently, in Alabama we have skipped right over spring and gone straight to summer. All winter I’ve dreamed of the mild spring days when the house would be lovely and comfortable and require no artificial temperature moderation of any kind. Well, we had [...]

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