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This morning the dogs woke me up before my allotted 10 hours of sleep were up (hey, I’m pregnant, and I have a cold) with a crazy barking fit outside. I banged on the window, which sometimes snaps Stanley out of a barking spree, but he just kept going. And going. And going. So finally, [...]

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Of all the many trees on our lot, my favorites are the two maple trees in our side yard. They provide terrific pale green shade in the summer and, best of all, turn bright orange, red and yellow in the fall. This year, their color is even more vivid than usual. These days, this is [...]

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Back in April, I posted about our Gutter of Doom over the back steps and how it was overdue for repair. As usual, all my big plans for immediate action didn’t pan out. Then last weekend – with all the buzz about Hurricane Gustav coming through – we decided we’d better do something about this [...]

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We’ve been having trouble with the gutter over the back steps since we moved in, which was more than three years ago now. Twice already, Darwin has installed temporary fixes to delay the inevitable gutter replacement, but for the past few months whenever it rains, it pours – literally. Right out of the split seam [...]

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A forever or two ago, we found a Victorian screen door in our attic, but I never thought too hard about re-installing it. We already had a modern screen door on the back door, and a screen door on the front of the house seemed vaguely strange to me in these modern times. But then [...]

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In this week’s Celebrity Death Match, we’re pitting two hard-hitting competitors against each other in a duel for the top prize – being the place where Millie Francis curls up to shelter from the wily winter winds. In the left corner, we have Swamp Cabin. Built from cinderblocks, scrap tin – and a little pluck [...]

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