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This has been a week of improvements – some small and easy, some large and complicated, all making life just a little better. 1. The 50-gallon water heater. We wanted a tankless, but that didn’t work out, so we bought a 50-gallon water heater to replace our broken 40-gallon one. This one is bigger but [...]

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One evening not so long ago, two gigantic cardboard boxes arrived on our doorstep. We sprang eagerly from our seats on the couch, because we’d been anticipating the arrival of the crib and changing table from the faraway land of Tar-jay. D turned on XM satellite radio’s 60′s on 6 channel, and we set to [...]

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The room that we’ve been tentatively calling the nursery still looks more like a catch-all than a space a child would want to call his/her own. Until now, I’ve avoided even thinking about decorating it as a nursery, because I was afraid having a room all set up with crib and curtains and whatnot would [...]

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Today, I’m letting you inside the worst place in my house – the bedroom. I don’t show this room to guests because it’s too, too embarrassing. Only a select few have seen inside the Dungeon of Clutter. And yet, here on the Internet, where everyone and their mama can see, I apparently have no problem [...]

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The master bathroom project is so close to finished that we could finally hang the vintage style glass shelves I bought from a few weeks ago. Ooooh, pretty! We ran out of caulk, so we have a little caulking left to do and some paint touch-ups, a towel hook or two to hang, and [...]

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We took the advice of commenter Sandy on the last post and installed the toilet anyway. It’s true that a toilet isn’t that hard to install and uninstall, so we’ll just deal with it again with tile-time comes. The toilet stuck out into the floor a little farther than the old toilet, so Darwin took [...]

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