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Our very first Rejuvenation light fixture is now installed! It’s the Three Forks light with polished nickel finish and 5-inch ridged satin shades. I debated whether to buy a Lowe’s fixture or spring for the fancy (read: pricey) one from Rejuvenation, and it’s clear now that I made the right decision. The light and sink [...]

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The sink? The beautiful, 95-pound beast of a sink? Yeah – it works. I know because I brushed my teeth in it this morning. I sprayed that gorgeous polished nickel faucet with its first spattering of toothpaste dots. Then carefully wiped it because I’d like the sink to remain pristine for at least 24 hours. [...]

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Like most bombshell beauty starlets, our bathroom sink is high maintenance. She makes demands, she scoffs at our efforts, she injures Darwin’s back without a second thought. But we’ve finally done it – we’ve tamed the shrew. I detailed the sink problems here, and we’ve at long last solved them all. The drain and the s-trap [...]

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I compared our sink to the Titanic because of its bulk and penchant for disaster. But maybe the disaster isn’t quite as severe as I thought. Problem One: The drain that came with our polished nickel faucet is made for a sink with overflow holes. Our sink has no overflow holes, so the drain has [...]

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The plumbers said they would be back on Thursday. Lo and behold, it is Thursday, and they are at our house! They even called to ask if they could come earlier than we planned. My answer? Why yes, you can come at MIDNIGHT if you want! Just come lay my pipe! What? Did that not [...]

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Monday, monday (ba-da ba-da-da-da) So good to me (ba-da ba-da-da-da) Monday mornin, it was all I hoped it would be Oh monday mornin, monday mornin couldnt guarantee (ba-da ba-da-da-da) That monday evenin you would still be here with me Monday wasn’t all I hoped it would be … more like half of what I wanted [...]

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