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Our burst of work on the bathroom project this weekend motivated me to finally order our shower enclosure and other plumbing goodies from Vintage Tub and Bath. We got the Strom Plumbing faucet and shower enclosure with English telephone hand shower, plus Strom plumbing supply lines with cut-off valves, and a Strom plumbing drain with [...]

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Look what was lurking under the bathroom cabinets … AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!! Actually, I think he’s sort of cute, but like the cartoon ghosts hanging around in the castles in Mario Brothers games, he’s probably got a dark side, too. As you can see, we now know where the tub was originally. These holes indicate where the [...]

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Today I was playing around with the arrangement of objects in our bathroom on HGTV’s room layout tool, and I discovered something disturbing. If we do everything I planned on my old graph paper sketch, there will be no place for a towel bar! This is very distressing because I am a person who requires [...]

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I just found the single coolest item for clawfoot tub owner/users. It’s from *gasp* Pottery Barn. I know, I know – Pottery Barn is the evil vortex at the center of our meaningless, consumer-driven lives, blah blah blah. How can I resist getting sucked in? The bed linens are so cheerfully crisp! The furniture and [...]

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The clawfoot tub is home! My dad picked it up for us and brought it to our house. It is now sitting in the newly cleaned-out storage building, just waiting till we can get the time to actually work on the bathroom. It’s looking like the tub will be waiting quite a while. I’ve been [...]

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