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My official painting T-shirt is back out of retirement! The last time I busted it out was seven months ago, when we were preparing for our home study, and I decided impulsively to paint the hall bathroom with a pint of dark green paint we had lying around. Turned out there wasn’t enough paint to [...]

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We weren’t planning to do anything else to the half bathroom to prepare it for the home study. I’d already cleared off the counter, cleaned everything, and organized the closet. But then I made the mistake of telling my mother about it. Lately, she has been an overflowing fount of unwanted advice. I think it’s [...]

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The master bathroom project is so close to finished that we could finally hang the vintage style glass shelves I bought from a few weeks ago. Ooooh, pretty! We ran out of caulk, so we have a little caulking left to do and some paint touch-ups, a towel hook or two to hang, and [...]

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I don’t have much to show off. As usual, our work on the house comes in infinitesimal bursts, spaced out by weeks of utter inactivity. The latest burst included a weekend of painting the bathroom door and window frames, priming the ceiling, and hanging the medicine cabinet. It felt so good to do something – [...]

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The other night my friend Deirdre was rhapsodizing about the therapeutic qualities of white primer – how it means the messy, unpleasant part of the job (the sanding and scraping and hole-filling) is over. Also, I added, it covers up a multitude of sins and creates a bright, blank canvas (and if I could’ve thought [...]

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I don’t ask for much in life – just a roof over my head, a car that runs, at least one pair of red shoes, fancy bakery cake once a year, my way in everything, the love of a good man (and dog and cats) … and last but not least, a leisurely hot shower [...]

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