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Introducing Rosemary, my second girl, my second R, my second blue-eyed, long-lashed beauty. This one has red hair. Maybe my payment for waiting so long to have babies is that I got my wish – a curly-haired girl and a redhead. Both are perfect. Rosemary reminds me of all the things I forgot from the [...]

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The last time I posted, I was wondering whether we should leave our 1902 Victorian and move to “a new McMansion, surrounded by fabulous closets and walls that meet at 90-degree angles.” I wondered if I could be happier in town, or at least have an easier, simpler life, less stress, more grocery stores in [...]

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My plan was to gain only 15 to 20 pounds during my pregnancy, because that’s what online charts told me a chunkier person such as myself should gain. But then the doctor never mentioned a number to aim for, and every time I went and had gained a little more, he said I was right [...]

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The day Ruby was born, the hydrangea by the back door was in bloom, enormous hot pink flowers vibrant against the dark green leaves. Last year, this hydrangea did not bloom. I found meaning in this in the foggy gray light of morning. We were on our way to meet our child, our dream, finally. [...]

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My new occupation is staring at Ruby, so between that and what feels like near-constant feeding and diaper changing (this girl is a champion pooper), there hasn’t been a lot of time for composing her birth story for the blog. But for now, I’ll say this: She is more amazing than I ever imagined. I [...]

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Not-so-bright and early tomorrow morning, D and I will be heading to the hospital to get this show on the road. Last night I dreamed Ruby was here, and she had light brown hair and D’s nose and was perfect and wonderful in every way. In addition to the excitement of finally seeing her, I [...]

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