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This morning the dogs woke me up before my allotted 10 hours of sleep were up (hey, I’m pregnant, and I have a cold) with a crazy barking fit outside. I banged on the window, which sometimes snaps Stanley out of a barking spree, but he just kept going. And going. And going. So finally, [...]

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My plan was to write something perky today. How my 10-year high school reunion was more fun than I expected – even if I did literally walk the heels off my shoes. How my mom, sister and I went to Fort Walton Beach for a few days and the weather was gorgeous and I have [...]

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Of all the many trees on our lot, my favorites are the two maple trees in our side yard. They provide terrific pale green shade in the summer and, best of all, turn bright orange, red and yellow in the fall. This year, their color is even more vivid than usual. These days, this is [...]

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On my last post about Stanley the Charming Stray, my sister commented, “are you keeping him? huh?? huh???” The answer is … I still don’t know. Truth is I’m frozen – I don’t know whether to seek out his nonexistent-or-worse owners or to assume he is a stray and proceed with getting him cleaned up [...]

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For about a week, a dog has been hanging around our backyard, sleeping in the cool dirt underneath the shed and mostly staying out of sight. Another dog – a yellow Lab with a collar – was hanging around with him and barked at D when we came out of the house. Our neighbors on [...]

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In this week’s Celebrity Death Match, we’re pitting two hard-hitting competitors against each other in a duel for the top prize – being the place where Millie Francis curls up to shelter from the wily winter winds. In the left corner, we have Swamp Cabin. Built from cinderblocks, scrap tin – and a little pluck [...]

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