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You know that fantasy? The one that goes, “My life would be so much better if …”? I’ve often fallen victim to this fantasy over the years, in many different incarnations. As a chubby, awkward, straggly-haired middle schooler with a penchant for oversize T-shirts tucked into high-waisted denim shorts, I believed that if I lost [...]

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The baby is moving right now, and it is the weirdest feeling ever. A few weeks ago on my June 2010 moms message board, all the lucky early-movement-feelers tried to describe it to those of us still waiting for those elusive kicks. There was a lot of talk of “butterflies” and “flutters.” But this doesn’t [...]

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1. Somehow, out of all the people in the world, I managed to meet and marry the only one I’m never tired of spending time with. Even with my most beloved family and friends, I need a break after a couple of days, because that’s just the kind of irritable meanie I am. But not [...]

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D and I spent last week in that charming city by the sea, Charleston, S.C. We went there for our honeymoon six years ago, and I intended this to be a romantic, nostalgic anniversary trip. For once, my best-laid plans actually worked out. It had been a year since we’d gone on a just-me-and-D vacation, [...]

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The real purpose of the Work Day Club is not – as some would suggest – to use the appealing aroma of cheap liquor to lure friends into a nefarious plot to save a buck. We have work parties for the same reason people used to have barn raisings and husking bees – if you [...]

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This is my crude drawing of the bookshelf we’re planning to build in the space under the bathroom window. There’s already a cut-out in the wall from where the previous owners moved up the window to accommodate their bathtub. The bookshelf will indent into the wall a few inches, and we’re framing it out in [...]

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