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Driving home from D’s birthday dinner with family Sunday, I checked something on my phone, and it lit up my face for a few moments. D looked at me and said, “You look different since having Ruby.” I smirked and said, “You mean fatter?” “No,” he said, carefully, “Just different. More … motherly.” “Is that [...]

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I’ve attended a lot of baby showers in my day. Sisters-in-law, cousins, friends, co-workers. I’ve bought tiny baby outfits and Raggedy Ann books and light-up soother thingies. I’ve cried in the baby aisle at Target, while clutching a registry print-out. I’ve pushed down bitter feelings and painted on smiles and responded with blank stares to [...]

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Until this weekend, we had done little work on the nursery, no more than what we did about this time last year when I was trying to distract myself from the adoption wait by buying cutesy baby things. Then, when we thought G was going to be our son, we squeezed the nursery stuff to [...]

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Last week, my mom and I went on our annual buying trip to Houston. I’d forgotten until I stepped off the airplane and into Terminal B that this airport was the very place where 2009 began to spin out of control. It was here, on the tram, that I got a phone call from our [...]

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1. Somehow, out of all the people in the world, I managed to meet and marry the only one I’m never tired of spending time with. Even with my most beloved family and friends, I need a break after a couple of days, because that’s just the kind of irritable meanie I am. But not [...]

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I’m very happy to be pregnant. Very, very happy. But still, there are moments when I think about G and am very sad. The other day in the car, the song “Maybe (Reprise)” from the movie Annie came on my iPod, the version from near the end of the movie, when Rooster and Lily St. [...]

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