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Introducing Rosemary, my second girl, my second R, my second blue-eyed, long-lashed beauty. This one has red hair. Maybe my payment for waiting so long to have babies is that I got my wish – a curly-haired girl and a redhead. Both are perfect. Rosemary reminds me of all the things I forgot from the [...]

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The last time I posted, I was wondering whether we should leave our 1902 Victorian and move to “a new McMansion, surrounded by fabulous closets and walls that meet at 90-degree angles.” I wondered if I could be happier in town, or at least have an easier, simpler life, less stress, more grocery stores in [...]

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You know that fantasy? The one that goes, “My life would be so much better if …”? I’ve often fallen victim to this fantasy over the years, in many different incarnations. As a chubby, awkward, straggly-haired middle schooler with a penchant for oversize T-shirts tucked into high-waisted denim shorts, I believed that if I lost [...]

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Everyone says about their kids, “I didn’t know I could love someone this much.” I expected to feel that way, too, and I did the moment I looked into Ruby’s eyes on the day she was born. But what I didn’t expect was to say, 14 months later, “I didn’t know someone could love me [...]

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Tonight, I laid my child in her crib, and she immediately rolled over and went to sleep. No screaming, no repeatedly standing up, no thrashing about like one possessed. She didn’t even need to hold my hand. I was stunned at first – literally, mouth-hanging-open stunned – but taken in the context of the past [...]

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The past week has been one of those when everything clicks and in the course if seven days, Ruby changes in 57 ways. Suddenly, not only is she bigger physically (finally outgrowing her 6-9 months clothes), she also has had some kind of awakening, in which her understanding of the world around her has made [...]

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