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It’s official, the Wall Street Journal is clueless. Here’s their response to my strongly worded e-mail: “I’m writing in response to your email of October, 4, 2007 objecting to certain aspects Jennifer Saranow’s Sept. 28 article on home renovation parties. There is no mention or suggestion in the story that Julia Denise Fuller served alcohol [...]

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Recently, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal contacted me about a post I wrote last year. My post, “Plaster Party,” was about how the Work Day Club of Eutaw helped our across-the-street neighbor Denise tear out the disintegrating plaster in her upstairs bedrooms and hallway. The reporter told me she was writing a story [...]

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The built-in bookcase under our master bathroom window is now complete! After much planning and many drawings, we finally (with the expert assistance of our neighbor Ken) cut all the pieces for the bookcase last weekend. This weekend, Darwin nail-gunned it together and caulked it up nice and pretty, and then I primed and painted [...]

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As members of the unofficial Work Day Club of Eutaw, we’ve helped our neighbors on several occasions. This weekend we cashed in some of our help-out bucks to get a jumpstart on the bathroom. It all started on Saturday when we took Millie for a walk around the block. We ran into Deirdre, who was [...]

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The Work Day Club of Eutaw lives again! This time the work day was dedicated to plaster removal, a task we’ve read about but could only dream of doing ourselves since our house was de-plasterified well before our arrival. Okay, even I never really dreamed about plaster removal. But it wasn’t so bad. We got [...]

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A few evacuee families have found their way to our little hamlet. This weekend, the Work Day Club of Eutaw™, plus two other handy couples, cleaned up and fixed up an old house for one family who fled New Orleans. D and I only helped for a few hours on Sunday, but some of the [...]

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