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You know that fantasy? The one that goes, “My life would be so much better if …”? I’ve often fallen victim to this fantasy over the years, in many different incarnations. As a chubby, awkward, straggly-haired middle schooler with a penchant for oversize T-shirts tucked into high-waisted denim shorts, I believed that if I lost [...]

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Tomorrow is my last day at my first, real job. Until this week, I’d been giddy about leaving the job and starting the new one, about working just one job and working from home all but one day a week. I have big plans for my life-after-9-to-5 … I’ll learn to cook, I’ll clean more [...]

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It’s official, the Wall Street Journal is clueless. Here’s their response to my strongly worded e-mail: “I’m writing in response to your email of October, 4, 2007 objecting to certain aspects Jennifer Saranow’s Sept. 28 article on home renovation parties. There is no mention or suggestion in the story that Julia Denise Fuller served alcohol [...]

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A forever or two ago, we found a Victorian screen door in our attic, but I never thought too hard about re-installing it. We already had a modern screen door on the back door, and a screen door on the front of the house seemed vaguely strange to me in these modern times. But then [...]

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Recently, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal contacted me about a post I wrote last year. My post, “Plaster Party,” was about how the Work Day Club of Eutaw helped our across-the-street neighbor Denise tear out the disintegrating plaster in her upstairs bedrooms and hallway. The reporter told me she was writing a story [...]

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Last night I found out that in the year of my birth, something else was born – a campy horror movie filmed in none other than Eutaw, Alabama. Known to the locals as “King Cobra,” the movie was latered renamed “Jaws of Satan.” None of my Eutawan friends have seen the movie, but my friend [...]

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