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Decluttering the house. I am sitting in the living room, looking at the massive coffee table that’s a hand-me-down from Mom, and the whole thing is covered with STUFF. My wedding album and two scrapbooks, invoices and image CDs for my website work, Millie’s gutted tiger toy, the cats’ glove with all the fun stuff [...]

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Lately, I’ve had a little trouble picturing the end result of our bathroom remodel. I’ve felt lost, afraid to make any of these big decisions that will affect us and our house for many years to come. But when I was in the shower on Sunday, I got an idea. I always get my best [...]

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Why is it that the perfect kitchen is so important? Even to people like me who couldn’t cook to save themselves from getting thrown into a tank full of sharks with lasers on their heads? For us, convenience was the main reason the kitchen was the first major project we tackled. We had to have [...]

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Gracious, this has been a whirlwind week. The plant where D works is closed for the week, so he has been at home. I wanted to take a day or two off myself, but things have been too crazy at work. In the evenings, we’ve done stuff with our fun and wonderful neighbors (hi, guys!) [...]

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Last night the Historical Society hosted a dinner with a presentation from a famous (at least around here) photographer who specializes in Southern houses and towns. He showed us a slide show of his work, and now I’m on the prowl for interesting photo opportunities around the house. Our walls need some art. It’s not [...]

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Today we hung a new chandelier in the entry hall. It’s a reproduction turn-of-the-century gas and electric fixture from J.F. Pegan, and it’s been hanging out in the front bedroom (aka junk room) since before Christmas. We didn’t have a tall enough ladder to install it before, but we got one at Lowe’s week before [...]

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