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I’ve become a human thesaurus for synonyms of the word “party.” This week I’ve been calling people and inviting them to our house for dinner Saturday night. We rarely host gatherings of any sort, so I’m remarkably inept at inviting people over. Here’s a sample telephone invitation: Friend: Hello? Me (overly chipper): Hey! This is [...]

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Our savvy, experienced and capable home improver friend D cut her finger pretty badly on a table saw last week. Let this be a warning: if D can injure herself with a table saw, anyone can. Be careful out there!

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D and I aren’t giving each other gifts this year. As you may have noticed, I’m a shopaholic and love buying gifts. D fears gift-giving occasions more than giant spiders and wizards named Voldemort. So I let him off the hook this year. Instead of worrying about gifts for each other, we bought presents for [...]

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Last night our expert renovator friends D&K (and their two charming moppets) came over for dinner. Naturally, I dragged them to the deconstructed master bathroom to ask their advice about the drywall-over-beadboard problem. D, who is possibly the coolest woman on Planet Earth, dove right in with a crowbar and knocked out a big hunk [...]

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Happy Halloween! We disco’ed the night away on Saturday at our neighbors’ Halloween party. We never could find ’70s characters we wanted to be, so we just went with a general sparkly disco theme. We had so much fun getting ready. I couldn’t get my false eyelashes on straight, so I asked D to help, [...]