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My busy season has passed, and with it, the worst of my stressed-out freak-outs. I’m not afraid at night anymore, and I’m not so worried all of the time. Thank you, commenters, for your concern. Post-partum depression (or at least some kind of anxiety problem) definitely crossed my mind. I even read up online about [...]

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Sometimes, there are moments of incredible sweetness – when Ruby grins and coos and gurgles, or when I sing to her, and her eyes lock on my face like it is the only thing tethering her to the world. Other times, there of moments of annoyance – when I spend 20 minutes soothing her to [...]

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The “leaping out of bed” for middle-of-the-night feedings phase has passed. Leaping has been replaced with rolling, crawling, dragging, accompanied by groaning and complaining, and preceded by fervently whispering into the darkness, “Please go back to sleep. Please go back to sleep.” I still love seeing my baby again after a couple of hours sleep, [...]

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According to, my uterus is now roughly the size of a basketball. I’ve never been good at sports – maybe that’s why all of a sudden I feel so miserable? Let me first say the obligatory spiel – yes, of course, it will all be worth it in the end, I’m still super-excited about [...]

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The other day, I got an unwelcome letter in the mail, a summons to jury duty. This is what I get for voting for the first time in eight years (I just registered to vote in this county a few months ago). It was worth it to vote for the first black president and the [...]

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It’s been more than two weeks since I had a day off, and I am very tired. From here on, September and October are always going to be bad months for me. Since the orders have picked up these last few weeks, my days of working from home have been put on hiatus. Now I [...]

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