We are K & D, and we’ve been married since 2002, together since the summer of 2000 when we met at my cousin’s wedding. We did minor fix-ups on the two houses we lived in before we bought this one in 2004. For a few years, we were embroiled in constant renovation, during which we never actually, fully complete a project. We almost completed the kitchen and mostly completed the master bathroom and stripping the wood trim in the entry hall. We painted six rooms (dining, living, kitchen, master bathroom, guest bathroom, half bathroom), and we started and stopped numerous projects. Perseverance is not our strong suit.

Unless it comes to having a child, and then we did persevere, though I have PCOS, which made conceiving difficult. We tried on and off to conceive starting in 2004, then actively pursued adoption starting in summer 2008 and later fertility treatments starting June 2009. We finally had our first child, Ruby, in May 2010.

Easter portraits

We are blissfully happy, though our little angel doesn’t leave much time for home renovation … or for home cleaning or decluttering or maintenance. Basically, the place is looking a shambles, but that’s okay. We’ll get to it one day.

We also have three spoiled and undisciplined pets – one cat (Alistair … Henry, we miss you) and two dogs (Millie and Stanley) – and enjoy gossiping on our neighbors’ front porch, traveling, and eating Mexican and Italian food whenever possible.