1. Somehow, out of all the people in the world, I managed to meet and marry the only one I’m never tired of spending time with. Even with my most beloved family and friends, I need a break after a couple of days, because that’s just the kind of irritable meanie I am. But not with D. We just spent several days in each other’s company, and I still missed him when he went to work on Monday.

This man – I can’t tell even tell you how much I adore him. This morning, I was going scrapbooking, and – stubborn woman that I am – didn’t want to wake D to help me get my stuff in the car. But he heard me trundling the big suitcase-o’-scrappin’-stuff down the hall and popped out of the bedroom, put out that I was trying to do it myself. I laughed and insisted it wasn’t that heavy, but then gave in and let him load the stuff in the car. When D was done, he hugged me close and said, “I don’t want anything happening to my baby.” Then he touched my belly and said, “Or this baby either.”

I’ve seen other guys do the protective thing with their pregnant wives, and I always thought it was cute and funny. I never thought I’d get to see D act this way because I never thought I’d be pregnant – now it’s just another of those little things I’m soaking up. This pregnancy is still the greatest surprise to me, and how close it has made me feel to D is one of the best parts.

2. Thirteen weeks! I can hardly believe I’ve really made it this far. As of today, my second trimester has begun. My baby is the size of a peach, and just this week I’ve finally grown an inch in both my waist and lower-gut region. It feels odd to get excited about being bigger … not my usual emotion on this subject! The good news is my weight is still the same. Probably because I can’t finish a meal without feeling sick. I am so ready to get to the part where I really look pregnant, though I should probably shut up and just enjoy wearing my regular jeans as long as I can.

Bonus points – I haven’t thrown up in 8 days! I’m also yawning a little less frequently, definitely napping more rarely, and generally getting some pep back in my step. All the baby books and web sites say, “Many women wake up one day and discover their symptoms are gone and they suddenly feel renewed energy!” But it hasn’t been an overnight fix for me. Logically, the symptoms have faded in just the way they began, only in reverse order. Now I’m back in the occasionally-vaguely-queasy/gaggy phase from about week 5-6, only minus the crippling sleepiness. So yay!

One more thing I’m thankful for about 13 weeks – only about two and half more weeks before we get another ultrasound to try and determine the gender!

4. Having family and friends who are so happy and excited for us. I know, people are always happy and excited about a baby; humans are hardwired to think the little big-eyed creatures are super-awesome. But – and it might just be my imagination – this feels different. We’ve had a bad, bad year. Somehow in that time, we became more open about our infertility and adoption struggles. Before, most people didn’t even know we wanted kids – we were that hush-hush about it. I didn’t want everyone pitying us, or constantly telling us to “just relax,” or asking about it all the time when there was no news but bad news.

Now, everyone – and I do mean everyone – knows about us trying to adopt and why, and saw our brief ups and magnificent downs. The people who love us are almost as ready as we are to see us get our happy ending (rather, beginning). Though it isn’t the way we expected, our child is on the way, and there is such joy all around. At Thanksgiving, my usually shy 10-year-old niece came up and hugged me around the waist and said, quietly and sincerely, “good luck.” D’s dad told me how they are fixing up the swing in their yard because all the other grandchildren got to swing on it, and now this one will, too. I’d wondered if D’s parents would be as excited about this baby, since they already have five grandchildren, but they were beaming from ear to ear at the very mention.

My family is, of course, excited too, though we’re a less demonstrative bunch. My dad keeps mentioning how his name would be an excellent middle name for a boy, and likewise, Mom hints that a three-letter, one-syllable middle name would sound good with the girl name we like (funny – her name has three letters and one syllable! What a coincidence!). My sister is considering moving home, and I know one factor is wanting to be close to her future niece or nephew.

And the friends! They’re already clamoring for babysitting opportunities and plotting baby showers and squealing in excitement with me if the mood arises.

In short, this 3-inch-long baby is already madly loved by a zillion people. What better to be thankful for?

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3 Responses to “Things I’m Thankful For (A Week Late)”

  1. Teresa on December 3rd, 2009 12:49 pm

    Glad to know all is well. Silly me. I was getting anxious because you hadn’t posted for a while.
    It has been a long time since I was pregnant but husband’s attention during pregnancy is a good thing.

  2. Lenise on December 3rd, 2009 7:27 pm

    D sounds so sweet! I never got that kind of attention (though Paul didn’t drag his feet or pout when I asked him to do something ‘cuz I was queasy or unwieldy!)

  3. Valarie on December 5th, 2009 8:48 am

    I was getting a little nervous, too. So good to hear from you and know that all is well!

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