Bought two pairs of shoes. Ate fried chicken, waffle fries, and a Chik-fil-A milkshake. The cashier’s name at Chik-Fil-A was Greg. Of course it was. Could it have been anything else? Threw up milkshake because head hurt so bad from crying. Slept 12 hours.

It is morning, and life still sucks. I am numb and not numb. I am thinking maybe we should just give up and spend all our money traveling the world instead. Seems like the universe is against us anyway.

People throw babies away in dumpsters, and use their children as pawns in their chess games with each other, and neglect them, and abuse them. So many people seem to not care about them at all, and yet when it comes down to adoption, suddenly they care – or think they should, or act like they do.

Meanwhile, we can’t get even one child to love, cherish, guide, teach, love.

I don’t know how to pick up and continue with life. Samantha Brown is on. Maybe we should go to Milan.

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