I’m feeling as giddy as a schoolgirl about the two new decorative objects in our dining room, so how ’bout a little show and tell?

1. Our souvenir from New Orleans (besides two dead-useful neon green grenade-shaped cups) is this antique toy trolley. We found it at a tiny, narrow antique shop near Jackson Square. Since the streetcars were one of our favorite parts of the trip, we thought this was the ideal souvenir. The antique dealer says its circa 1910, and the colors look great in our dining room.

2. An Aaron Hequembourg “engraved painting.” We saw and loved this artist’s work at the Kentuck Festival of the Arts in October, but we couldn’t afford any of it. Then I saw this painting for sale on Craigslist for a reduced – and much more budget-friendly – price. It took some maneuvering to acquire it and get it in our hands (thanks, sis, for meeting up with the owner in Georgia and bringing it home for me), but now it looks oh-so-fabulous and perfectly at home over the dining room mantel.

The house feels a little more complete with some objets d’ art. Trouble is, the art has to compete for attention with the heaps of junk – paint cans and styrofoam packaging blocks and leftover Christmas wrapping. One day this place is going to be deliciously decluttered. Hopefully, I won’t be too old and feeble to enjoy it when that day comes.

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