It’s official, the Wall Street Journal is clueless. Here’s their response to my strongly worded e-mail:

“I’m writing in response to your email of October, 4, 2007 objecting to certain aspects Jennifer Saranow’s Sept. 28 article on home renovation parties.

There is no mention or suggestion in the story that Julia Denise Fuller served alcohol at her party. Her comments were not taken out of context. The context, which she agreed to be interviewed about, where the cost-saving benefits of renovation parties.

Thank you for your email.”

No, the story did not explicitly say, “Denise served alcohol. She is a drunkard and an unsafe renovator.” But her part of the story was included smack in the middle of a bunch of stories about such escapades, condescending warnings about such behavior, and under the headline “Three-Martini Renovation.” Tell me what that context says, WSJ.

Ugh. At least they removed my photo from the story.

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