I have bought one thing recently: a much-needed mirror for over the master bathroom sink. Way back in May, I hung a white Tyvek envelope on the wall to evaluate the ideal shape and position of the mirror. The envelope stayed there these many moons, so long that when I finally hung the new mirror, the space looked dark and strange.

The mirror is a “Venetian style” mirror from K-mart’s Martha Stewart collection. Four factors made me choose this particular mirror:

1. I saw one similar to it on Sex and the City last week.
2. It was $20.
3. At 16 x 20 inches, it would fit in the space between the sink and the light fixture.
4. I desperately, dearly, urgently needed a mirror. For real.

Once the mirror was hung (I did it myself, thankyouverymuch), I immediately hated it. Something about the proportions is just wrong. Looking back at that old post, I think I should’ve hung the mirror horizontally instead.

But it’s done now, and you know what? I don’t care. It does its job as a mirror – it reflects things and lets me indulge in my favorite hobby, staring at myself to find flaws. At this point I’m happy enough with just that.

And to prove I haven’t fallen off the frugality train, here’s a pink plastic icon of truth:

My wide tooth comb, which I have owned (and used daily) since I was 10 years old. Can’t get much more frugal than that. I also still own and use the double decker tape player I got for my 7th birthday AND the same razor I got in middle school (though not the same blade, of course).

But now I don’t know if I so much proved I was frugal as proved I was certifiably insane. It could go either way.

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