Being the obsessed, addicted shopper that I am, I often come across random items that would make excellent gifties. Lately, I’ve found so many perfect gifts for old house people that I wish I had more neighbors (and money)!

I decided to compile this list instead of breaking the bank buying stuff just because it was so darn cool. Maybe this will help if you’re stuck in a gift rut (like poor Darwin, who until recently received shirts for every gift, and me, who is hard to shop for because I buy everything for myself before anyone gets half a chance).

So … what do you get for the old house lover who has everything? (when power tools aren’t in the budget)

Pink Hard Hat and Pink Safety Glasses

For the girl who’s really into demo. Hard hat – $19.95, glasses – $9.95

Smell Killer

The Smell Killer neutralizes odors in a 400-square-foot area … I haven’t tried it, but it sounds perfect for getting ridding of that musty, damp smell I call “old house funk.” $60.00

Little Pink Tool Kit

A pale pink and black carrying case with 10 pink-handled tools – hammer, screwdriver, pliers, even a little pink level! A portion of each sale donated to breast cancer research. $79.95

Saw Cake Server (my personal favorite)

Possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen – a stainless steel cake and cheese knife shaped like a saw. I MUST HAVE THIS. $20

Home Maintenance Organizer

For a lot of us, our blogs are our organizers, but sometimes it helps to use an old-fashioned pen and paper. I can just SEE things better that way. This organizer has tips for how to handle home maintenance issues, a calendar for each season, a tool glossary, graph paper for planning things out and a place for task lists and project worksheets. $25

Hammer & Saw Cufflinks

Dress your old house lov-ah up in these adorable sterling silver cufflinks by artist Debbie Howe. The tools even have wood grain textured handles! $70

Level Necklace

Practical and purty, a necklace with a little working level hanging on a silver-link chain, handmade by artist LeeAnn Herreid. Also available are level bracelets, earrings and cufflinks. $60

Philips Head Screw Cufflinks and Earrings

Made of sterling silver and designed by LeeAnn Herreid. Cufflinks – $80, earrings – $24

Tile Pattern Plates

Created by artists training at the Savannah College of Art and Design, this set of four square melamine plates reminds me of Victorian and Craftsman tiles. And I just adore melamine. $40.

Colorful Tool Belt

These leather tool belts come in purple, royal blue, red, black, candy pink, and dark pink. You can also get them personalized with an initial in rhinestones, though that might be a little too girly even for me. $49.95

Pink Tool Belt

Yeah, another tool belt. But this one’s a little cuter (and cheaper), so I had to include it. $19.99

Year-Round Terry Cloth Robe

This is the robe I got for Darwin for his birthday, perfect for warding off the old house chill on the way to the shower … especially if you have gas heat, and you’re trying to keep your bill from skyrocketing. It’s a heavy, soft terry cloth and feels great on. I’m tempted to steal it from him. $39, plus $5 for monogramming to make him feel special.

Women’s Coveralls

Designed by women for women, these coveralls come in full and capri lengths and a good selection of sizes. My only complaint? They need to expand their fabric choices – allover giant flowers? Just no. $59.95

Sorry guys, I know these gift ideas are a little girl-centric. I like girl things! If you’ve found any really cool gifts out there in the wide Internet, please share in the comments!

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8 Responses to “Gifts for Old House People”

  1. Jodi on November 17th, 2006 5:15 pm

    I need the pink tool set! I can never find my hubby’s tools (and neither can he) so if I had PINK ones maybe he would leave them be. Well maybe….

    I love the level necklace too. That is clever. :)

  2. SmilingJudy on November 17th, 2006 7:34 pm

    Fabulous! Thanks for the ideas. I may have to buy the saw-shaped cheese server for my new b/f who also has a torn-apart house.

  3. SmilingJudy on November 17th, 2006 7:37 pm

    Fabulous! Thanks for the ideas. I may have to buy the saw-shaped cheese server for my new b/f who also has a torn-apart house.

  4. Anonymous on November 17th, 2006 9:21 pm

    I have to have the victorian plates!! Love them. Andi from Newborn House

  5. allison on November 19th, 2006 11:56 am

    Love the level jewelry. I always seem to be missing a level or tape measure when I need one. Can you find one with a remote alarm so you can press a button and find the tool when you need it? Great idea to compile that list of gifts for we old house nuts!

  6. Kristin on November 20th, 2006 3:10 pm

    I saw some cute, colorful tape measure keychains in a catalog the other day, but I can’t remember which one now. I seem to get so many catalogs these days.

    I already have a tape measure key chain (just not a cute one), and I can’t tell you how many times it’s come in handy! I even use it in clothing stores to check if clothes will fit without having to try them on.

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