I wish I knew some kind of mind-clearing yoga mantras right about now. But I don’t, so instead I will talk about house-clearing. Make that cleaning.

I am rolling Weeks Three through Eight of the home cure all into one because we need to get this house ship-shape for the Halloween party. My intention was to divide the cleaning/de-cluttering into manageable bits over this week, but I’ve already had a good chunk of time wasted by the Drama That Shall Not Be Named.

Blech, shut up, we’re not talking about that.

On top of the down-and-dirty cleaning that needs to be done, we must hang decorations for our bat infestation-themed party – carefully out of reach of the cats, who already ripped down one bat streamer, thankyouverymuch.

(hard to tell if Alistair is attacking the bats or they’re attacking him)

Week Three is supposed to be dedicated to the bathrooms. I think. I admit it’s been a while since I referenced the handy-dandy Home Cure book. Been too busy with my mafiosa duties.

We have two and a half bathrooms, but since one of them is but an empty shell of a bathroom, that – for a change – saves me some work.

The full bathroom is off the guest bedroom. That’s where Darwin gets ready, so other than some actual cleaning, it’s a tiny-but-tidy space.

The half bathroom has a looooong countertop, and it’s where I get ready. Two strikes against it. It’s a pigsty. Utterly and ridiculously cluttered.

The worse news is that bathroom is in the hall between the kitchen and the dining room, making it the prime location for guests’ bathroom activities. It has to be fully de-cluttered and de-skeeved by the time of the party. There’s nothing grosser than using someone else’s grody bathroom. (And yes, I just said grody. To the max.)

Anyone out there who plans to attend, rest assured the bathroom will be neat and fresh-smelling by the time you arrive. Sadly, the hideous countertop will still be in place, as will the plywood floor. I can’t work a miracle, though it sure would be a useful talent to have. Along with going back in time to Sunday afternoon and tweaking a thing or two.

Okay, moving on …

I think this will be a small, low-key party because of the somewhat late notice, and that’s okay with me. ShantheMan’s wild party last year sure was fun, but I don’t know if we’re really wild party kinda people. I do better with a small group of dear friends, talking about naughty things or other people who didn’t have the sense to attend the party.

Now to finalize the menu. I was pretty disappointed in the Food Network site’s selection of Halloween recipes, but there are plenty of places on the web to search. If you have any genius suggestions, I welcome them – just make ‘em easy and quick. I gots cleaning to do.

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