I’ve recently come to the difficult realization that I am a slob. There, I said it. While I’m confessing, I am also an addict – to clothes, shoes and antique lighting.

But I just found a cure for at least two out of my four major problems. (Winning the lottery would also be a good cure, but I digress.)

Actually, it’s more of a solution or even enabler than a “cure,” per se. Behold the wonder that is the Neatnix Slide N Stax:

They’re so simple and yet so miraculous! Between each item of clothing is a plastic card that keeps the items separate and easy to slide out without disturbing the rest of the stack. Before stacking, you use the plastic card as a guide for tidy, slim folding. (I bought the corresponding Fold N Stax to get more plastic cards than what comes with the unit.) Another bonus is that it’s easy to see what all I own, so I don’t end up buying three red shirts – hmm, too late for that one.

I wish I’d thought to take a photo of that shelf “before.” It used to be three distinct stacks – pants, shirts and, um, other shirts – but had devolved into one big jumble that rained clothes down on my head whenever I tried to choose a pair of pants. And let’s not even talk about the shirts!

Here, I’ll show you some other photos of my closet/bedroom chaos, and you’ll get the idea:

About half of my summer shoe collection has navigated out of the closet and onto the floor in front of the dresser.

My bedroom closet. Believe it or not, my clothes did not cause that swayback in the rod. It was there before we bought the house.

My bedroom armoire. This originated as the place for my winter sweaters and my few dresses and pajamas. But then I bought a lot more sweaters, dresses and pajamas. It’s also overflow from the other closet.

I’ll wait while you turn your nose up in disgust at my meaningless, consumer-driven life.

Just so you know, I’m posting these photos not because I’m proud but because I’m ashamed. It’s getting ridiculous. Not so long ago, I had trouble finding something to wear in the morning because I didn’t have much to choose from. Now I have trouble because I have TOO MUCH to choose from. This is what happens to a girl when she loses a few pounds and also starts up an eBay business selling clothes that she happens to love.

We could play a “Where’s Waldo?” with these photos. See if you can find the following:

My T-shirt from 10th grade gym class (hint: our mascot was the Patriot)
18 blue items (not counting navy)
My new favorite accessory, a red belt
2 cherry print items
25 pairs of shoes (visible)
2 cotton candy colored items
Evidence that I have lost my mind completely … oh wait, that’s this post.

But don’t worry, I have ordered more Slide N Stax. Even if I am a mindless consumer, at least I can be a neat one.

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