I’m having a bit of a moral dilemma. I’ve taken care of the shopping for the plumbing, but now it’s time to consider lighting. But lighting from where?

What we want is pretty simple – an over-vanity fixture to fit the existing space … two or three down-facing shades hanging from a round bar, nothing boxy and nothing that looks like it came out of a show home for RE/MAX’s latest garden home complex.

But what I’m considering flies in the face of all that I just said – I found a fixture at Lowe’s of all places. It looks pretty much how I want, plain and simple, except the finish is brushed nickel rather than polished (our shower stuff is polished). And it’s just $35.

Then there’s the glossy, lovely Rejuvenation catalog that landed in my mailbox yesterday. Four options stand out, all of which will end up costing $200-$300. But I could get them in polished nickel, and they’d be higher quality than the Lowe’s fixture.

And oh dear, just look at the picture!

So what’s a girl to do? I want to buy the Rejuvenation one, mostly because I love Rejuvenation and haven’t had an excuse to buy lighting from them yet.

And anyway now that I’m seeing the two side by side, the Lowe’s one really isn’t just right, is it? There are lots of little differences, all of which contribute to make the Rejuvenation fixture look like a million bucks (rather than $200) and the Lowe’s one looks like plastic in comparison. And just watch that polished nickel shine!

I guess this wouldn’t be as much of an issue if lately I hadn’t been spending money like a woman possessed. I just bought an expensive painting on eBay … and yesterday a new purse with the perfect little spot for my cell phone … and some new clothes … and okay, three pairs of shoes … and there’s a big antiques auction coming up Thursday night.

Now it’s time to stop spending money on myself so I can afford to plunk down the big bucks for the good light fixtures. The clothing and accessories industries will suffer, but I hope they know it is for the greater good.

Edited to add:
There’s one more option, a 2-light Rejuvenation fixture rather than three. It would save money on both the fixture and the shades, and anyway I just remembered the previous vanity fixture was a 2-light. I think that would be sufficient.

Here’s the one I like:

Schoolhouse Electric also has a similar option, but it’s a little too Colonial Revival.

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