We’ve had a turning-point event at 1902 Victorian. An event that will change the way we work on our house – what we can do and how fast we can do it. An event that will affect our lives and our finances for a long time to come.

D bought a truck.

It’s a black 2002 Ford Ranger with 29,000 miles. D is a Ford man; as anyone from Alabama knows, a man must swear allegiance to one American-made vehicle brand at birth and never veer from his chosen course.

D did swerve a bit 18 months ago. Before we moved to this house and this commute, he traded in his gas-guzzling Ford F150 for a compact Mazda car. We thought this was a fabulous idea at the time, since D has a 1988 Ranger that’s been his ongoing project (besides the house) for the past four years. We thought he might finish up that truck one day this century, and we’d have a truck. Ha. Silly, naive fools!

Finally, we decided we couldn’t live without a truck any longer. Without one, we had to rely upon the kindness of strangers (or our beleaguered friends) to transport auction purchases, cast iron bathtubs and the like.

Now, we can transport the cement backerboard to tile the kitchen countertops, wood to build a corner hutch in the kitchen, the TV to the repair shop, insulation for under the house, and about a million other projects put on hold around here because of this very reason.

The truck will also help us financially because, though it has less miles than D’s 2004 car (yeah, that commute puts a lot of miles on ‘em), it is considerably cheaper and will eliminate a car payment. Also, since it’s a little truck, the gas mileage is only slightly worse than the car’s.

So this is an exciting development. This means no more excuses!

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