After the painful blow of the tax bill, I needed some good financial news. Yesterday the gas bill came. I tore into the envelope with the kind of excitement usually reserved for birthday cards potentially containing cash. The bill could have been more bad news – that in spite of all our shivering under piles of blankets and layers of clothing, we still had to pay some crazy-high number.

But hurray! The bill was only $118! That’s a savings of $230 over this month last year. It’s proof that our frigid living is paying off!

In honor of our success, I’ll share my favorite tips for staying warm in a cold, old house and I hope you’ll share yours, too.

  • Wear warm, fuzzy slippers at ALL times … with socks if you can stand it.
  • Buy electric space heaters with thermostats (though we haven’t found timers necessary). Our cheapie heaters work better than the expensive one!
  • Leave the oven door open after you turn it off and stand in front of it, toasting yourself in the leftover heat.
  • Get some cats, preferably one for each human. Encourage the cats to nap on your lap while you watch TV.
  • Get a space heater for the bathroom and turn it on a few minutes before your shower. Shut the doors, and the room (and those wretched cold tiles) will heat up in no time.
  • Invest in good flannel sheets. They’re not as cold as regular sheets when you first get in the bed, and they warm up faster.

    And my favorite:

  • Work vigorously on the house, so you’re too busy (and sweaty and dirty) to get cold!
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