Last night, I made my daily sojourn to the front porch to check for packages. Ooh, goodie! A package leaned up against our door! What could it be? The clothes I ordered? The Christmas gift for my sister?

Funny, though. I didn’t remember ordering anything that would fit in a long rectangular box.

Then I checked the address. I knew to do this because we’ve received misdirected packages from UPS before (one of them full of time-sensitive medical supplies!). Of course, the package belongs to the owners of a house a few down from ours. Sure, the street is the same. But the NAME on the package? The HOUSE NUMBER?

Apparently, UPS thinks we are the only online shoppers in the entire town of Eutaw.

I can’t help feeling discriminated against. Maybe UPS thinks Eutaw is full of people who don’t know a computer keyboard from a jar of pickled pig’s feet. Maybe they think we are all satisfied with the selection at the town’s three dollar stores.

I imagine the UPS guy is bitter about having to drive all the way to our little town to deliver one package. I imagine that in his annoyance, he barely glances at the address before he says, “Ugh, that Eutaw chick again,” and casts the package aside. Maybe he even realizes the mistake as he’s carrying the package up our sidewalk but thinks, “Eh, I drove all the way to this hick town. They can take it three more houses down.”

It’s true that dropping the package off at the proper porch on the way to work isn’t a huge inconvenience for me. But darnit, why do they have to get my hopes up that way?

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5 Responses to “Wrong Number”

  1. Peggy on December 15th, 2005 3:44 pm

    At least they come to your house. I get a postcard in the mail telling me I have to pick up my package at the UPS center (which is 30 miles from me)because the ups guy says our driveway is to narrow. Now hubby is a truck driver and drives his truck with tanker on it down our driveway and turns around! I always ask for my packages to be sent Fedex or parcel post.

  2. Anonymous on December 15th, 2005 4:24 pm

    We have an apathetic mail carrier that does that, too. We get wrong mail EVERY DAY!


  3. Greg on December 15th, 2005 5:58 pm

    For me it is FedEx that causes me headaches. We have FedEx Air and FedEx Freight here in town only blocks from where I work, but FedEx Ground is 2 towns over. FedEx Ground always delivers my packages at 10:30 AM. Who the heck is home at that time. I get the little card telling me to drive to their FedEx Ground facility to pick it up.

  4. Jocelyn on December 15th, 2005 7:25 pm

    I work with someone who used to work for UPS and one day we were shipping something fragile and I said, “Why don’t we just write fragile all over the box etc…?”

    She looked at me like, “Oh- no no no. Those are the boxes they whip to the back of the truck for good measure…”

    just my little ups anecdote.

  5. Kristin on December 15th, 2005 10:07 pm

    At least now I’m not being singled out for abuse – it is apparently commonplace in the world of shippers. Though I will say our USPS guy has to be a saint. I’m constantly receiving and sending out packages. He probably stays in shape just from the daily hikes up and down our front steps.

    Then again, I’m not entirely pleased with the USPS either because they lost a $100 coat I was returning but forgot to insure. Coincidence that the ONE thing I don’t insure or get delivery confirmation on gets lost? Hmmm. I think some postal worker between here and Illinois has herself a fine-looking pink coat.

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