I’m back! I’m back! Let the spontaneous dance of joy begin!

Actually, the vacation to the Smoky Mountains surprised me by being fun. I liked hanging out with my nieces and nephews, and I think they liked being with me, too. I have a stack of drawings and letters in my suitcase, all addressed in crayon to Aunt Kristin.

We shopped and played and went ice skating and rode go-karts. I took 138 pictures, which wasn’t nearly enough. I need another memory card, darnit!

Here’s one of my favorite pics:

We don’t have children yet (I probably would’ve mentioned them by now if we did), but this vacation gave us a little peek into what parenthood is like. And we both agree that right now we enjoy being the fun aunt and uncle. No worrying about making them eat their peas or go to the potty.

I just wish we could spend more time with them. There’s something so special about the moment when a clammy, sticky little hand reaches for yours.

All that said, I’m glad to be home, back to our bed with the properly fluffy pillows and back to our kitties, who were a little miffed last night when we got home. They looked at us with reproachful orange eyes and skittered away from our hands. Poor boys. This is the first time we’ve left them alone; before my sister moved away, she would drop by and visit them a few times while we were gone. Next time we go away, we need to hire a neighbor’s kid or somebody to check in on them so they don’t think they’ve been abandoned.

Fortunately, this morning they were all smiles – make that purrs – again.

*from The Wabash Cannonball, which we heard on the radio on the way home.

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